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Prostate disorders

The prostate, a male gland located just under the bladder, is chestnut-sized and doughnut-shaped. It surrounds the urethra where it attaches to the bladder. Both urine and sperm pass through this gland. Gradually enlarging as men advance in age. An enlargement of the gland (benign prostate hyperplasia) is commonly noted in some 60 percent of men over 50 years of age. It is thought that its enlargement is related to hormonal changes. When the prostate enlarges, the gland narrows the opening of the urethra and interferes with urine excretion, this stops the bladder from emptying completely. This disorder my cause the urine to stagnate in the bladder, which can lead to infection. Damage to the kidney may ensue if enough urine accumulates. Urinary incontinence results when the bladder overfills.

When the prostate gland is inflamed this is known as prostatitis. This inflammation may sometimes be caused by infection—usually bacterial, however, sometimes it can be caused by fungal, viral, or protozoal. Bacterial infections can often spread from the urinary tract to the prostate, causing infection. The groin area, situated between the penis and anus, and the lower back becomes painful due the inflammation. It may cause other symptoms such as fever, chills, joint pain and muscle aches, and burning during urination, with sometimes blood in the urine. As well, the man may experience frequent urges to urinate, difficulty starting urination and completely emptying the bladder.

The symptoms of most prostate disorders, including prostate cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, are quite similar. It is advised to consult your health practitioner for a proper diagnosis, through a rectal examination and blood tests, in order to rule our prostate cancer.


  •  A herbal supplement like Adrenotonic, CranBlader ReLeaf, or Prostatonic, or a multivitamin, multimineral, and multi-glandular complex for men.
  • Digestive enzyme therapy like those of SynerG Supplements Digestive Enzymes are used to reduce prostatic swelling and inflammation as well as a number of other functions like maintaining normal pH levels and boosting immunity.
  • Pumpkin seeds—rich in zinc, are helpful with prostatic problems.
  • 60 percent of a man’s diet should be comprised of fruits and vegetables (particularly green vegetables)
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