Terms and conditions

100% Syner G Satisfaction guaranteed and return policy

Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. is committed to providing quality products and services. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you must contact Syner G Supplements within 30 days of the order placement date by phone at ( 438) 494-4538, or by email at [email protected], to explain the problem. If we agree that the product is not to your entire  satisfaction, you must return the product at your expense and we will refund 100% of the value of the returned product only, plus taxes. If an error occurred in preparing your order, you must contact Syner G Supplements within 7 days of receiving your order, by phone at (438) 494-4538, or email [email protected] to ask for an exchange or return authorization. This 30 day guarantee does not apply to products on our “Ultra Specials” page. We will not accept returns if the product is on special on the product page as well as the “Ultra Specials” page, as these are products very close to their expiry date, and that is why they are deeply discounted.

Once we receive your request, Syner G Supplements will confirm to you in the shortest possible time, return options and / or exchange product in order to complete the transaction. For any destination, the exchanged product will be sent to you at your expense. Please consider 3-5 working days for us to prepare the new item. Returned products must be in new condition in their original container and the security seal must be intact (unless a prior arrangement has been made).

Discount offer for email address

We offer the possibility of winning a discount code with one (1) lifetime participation in the Syner G Wheel of Health varying by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, or mystery prize, no minimum purchase necessary (this promotion applies to  regular priced products only and with the exception of products from Designs For Health) in exchange for your email address to become a VIP member and receive periodic newsletters from Syner G Supplements, containing news and discounts offered to VIP subscribers. This is a once in a lifetime offer per person, email address, household and delivery address. Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. will only be able to grant one (1) discount for life, varying from 10%, 15%; 20%; 25%; or mystery prize, and will not accept an email from a person already subscribed, or that a person subscribes, unsubscribes and re-subscribes to obtain the discount multiple times. Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. reserves the right to cancel and reimburse an order that is placed by another person using the same billing address as the person who has already ordered from Syner G Supplements and has already used his/her single discount for life with the Syner G Wheel of Health, or using a different name, or a different email address while using the same residential address for billing, or shipping, or using a different email address and a residential address or different PO box belonging or not to the same person, or same PayPal or Stripe payment details, who ordered from Syner G Supplements and has already used his/her unique discount for life with the Syner G Wheel of Health. The system detects IP adresses and will not permit a second discount through playing The Syner G Wheel of Health. If a different IP address is used, however delivered to the same postal address as was the case for the first discount that was rewarded, Syner G Supplements reserves the right to request payment for the amount owing, or cancel the transaction and issue a refund.

If you use your rebate code within ten (10) days of your newsletter subscription, you will receive a permanent code of 10% valid on all products in store including those on special! The discount code cannot be combined with other discount code offers. Following your first purchase, which must be within the 10-day period following your subscription, you will receive an email detailing the personalized code for the discount. Simply enter this code in the “promo code” box at checkout to take advantage of some great discounts for our subscribers only! The code (your full name small or capital letters no spaces) must match your email which has been programmed in the system.

Sponsorship offer:

Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. offers its customers the option of “sponsoring” another person. The principle of sponsorship is simply based on word of mouth. In other words, a satisfied customer will be encouraged to promote the Syner G Supplements range of products or services to those around them in return for different forms of promotional benefits. Syner G Supplements offers a discount to the person, whom you our client refers during a transaction, and in return Syner G Supplements offers a discount to you our client for having referred this person. Supplements & Environment Synergie Inc reserves the right to cancel a referral for a sponsorship by a customer for another person at the same billing or shipping address as the customer and to refund the order or offer to change the order removing the referral discount.

Products in stock

Syner G Supplements takes great care to keep an updated inventory. However, it is possible that a product advertised on our site is out of stock. If this is the case, we will inform you of the situation as soon as possible and we will offer you various alternatives.

Five Payment Methods

  1. By using a credit card (either VisaTM or MastercardTM throught the very secure StripeTM platform.
  2. Through your PayPalTM account.
  3. By using a credit card (either VisaTM or MastercardTM throught the very secure PayPalTM platform.
  4. By calling us 438-494-4538 and paying with your credit card.
  5. By cheque payment (slower process)
  6. By Interac payment to [email protected] are the details for each type of payment: For payment methods on our online shop to individual customers, we have chosen PayPalTM and StripeTM payment solutions. Through PayPalTM, or StripeTM are fast, simple, secure and safe. Payment options via credit card VisaTM or MastercardTM through the PayPalTM and StripeTM service are offered. If you are a retail store or health care professional, please contact us at (438) 494-4538, or by email at [email protected] for special volume discounts and private label options.

It is considered proof of purchase, the procedure by payment on PayPalTM , or StripeTM the content, the nature and date of the order. If there is refusal on the part of PayPalTM or StripeTM, the customer is automatically notified by email that the order will be canceled. You can shop securely with PayPalTM, or StripeTM, no banking, or credit card is shared with us. Information concerning your credit card is protected with PayPalTM, and/or StripeTM thanks to the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. Where PayPalTM and StripeTM is used, your financial information is never shared with merchants.

Other payment methods

If you do not wish to order over the internet but would like to use a credit card, you can order by phone by calling 1-438-494-4538, long-distance charges may apply.

It is also possible to make a payment by cheque, simply call 1-438-494-4538, long-distance charges may apply, to place your order with us, or you may place your order online and pay by cheque. Your order will be shipped as soon as our financial institution has confirmed that payment has been processed. Or, you may also place your order online and check the “pay by cheque” box, then you may send us an Interac transfer to the following address: [email protected] Please inform us regarding the security question in the comments section of your order or by calling us at 438-494-4538. Note that your order, if ready, will leave as soon as our bank receives the funds.

Costs and delivery times

Syner G Supplements is committed to maximizing the packaging of your products in order to better protect and deliver them in smaller packages to minimize your delivery costs. Orders are shipped usually the same weekday or following weekday and if the product is not in stock, within 10 working days from receipt of order, unless our supplier is out of stock. We use Canada Post for sending orders to the address you have provided to us. If you wish to have the option of a signature on delivery, there will be an extra fee that will be charged, please advise in the note section while placing your order. We cannot be held liable in any case for a mistake on your part for the shipping address provided.

We ship to Canada, the United States and International destinations.

Shipments to Canada

For shipments to Canada, the time may vary from 2 to 15 working days if your merchandise is in stock and once the package is shipped. Delivery is free anywhere in Canada* (only) for all orders of $75.00 or more before taxes. Any purchase under $75.00 before taxes will be charged a flat rate shipping fee of $12.00 + taxes**.

* We reserve the right to add surplus fees for certain more remote regions as well as the North West Territories; Yukon and Nunavut.

**With the exception of certain more remote regions as well as the North West Territories; Yukon and Nunavut.

United States and Internationally

Please allow a delivery time of 10-15 working days and more all depending on the type of delvery service that is chosen at check-out, (in the case of internation parcel by surface (boat freight) the delay can be between 1-3 months) and it also depends on the processing time at customs. The delivery costs will be calculated by our system with a Canada Post application according to the dimensions, weight and destination of the package when the package is presented for dispatch. The rate displayed on our system may differ from that calculated by the Canada Post office at the time of shipment. Please note that the Canada Post application often calculates higher rates and Syner G Supplements reimburses the difference that was overpaid, if any at all times, through PayPal or Stripe (to the paying customer’s credit card) the difference between the actual costs and the overpaid costs . In very rare cases, handling fees may apply. Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. ships to the Canada, the USA, and International. For all U.S. and International orders, the customs form will be affixed to your package. It will list the items within the box. This is International Law and we cannot change this. Due to the different laws on supplements and vitamins, it is your responsibility to know what can be shipped to your country and what cannot. If your package is seized by customs, you will not be refunded unless the package is returned to us. The customer is responsible for all customs clearance or other charges. The customer will receive a confirmation email from Canada Post with the tracking information.

Price policy

synergsupplements.com displays prices on its online store for consumers. Prices are in Canadian dollar, U.S dollar and Euro, and are subject to change, without notice. The prices can be displayed on the online shop in three currencies. However they will be automatically converted into the currency of your country in a more precise manner by the institution of your credit card at the time the transaction passes on your credit card account, as well as shipping costs and applicable taxes, if any. When ordering, you agree that  your credit card will be debited by either PayPal, Stripe, or if calling directly Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc., for the total amount of your order, including shipping and tax (if any). A confirmation email with all relevant information will be sent as soon as we receive your order. Another confirmation email is sent when the order is shipped.


For purchases within Canada the federal and provincial sales taxes (where applicable) will apply.

United States and International

No tax is applicable on orders from outside of Canada.

Cancellations and Changes

If you want to change or cancel an order, you must contact us by email at [email protected] or call (438) 494-4538 as soon as possible, indicating the reason for your request, the order number, and your contact information in order to reach you. We accept changes and cancellations until your order is not prepared and at the stage of expedition. However, no changes are possible once the order is shipped.


We take the utmost care in preparing your orders and we ship products of the highest standard. If an error occurred in the preparation of the order, you must contact Syner G Supplements within 7 days of receipt of your package, or by phone at (438) 494-4538 or email [email protected] for your request. If your application is accepted, Syner G Supplements will replace the product or refund your money.

The product must be returned to Syner G Supplements at the following address: Syner G Supplements, CP 60005 Boisbriand, Boisbriand, Quebec, J7G 3G4. The product must be in perfect condition and in its original sealed package with safety seal intact. In the case of an error on our part, the cost of delivery and handling will be at our expense.

When the order is placed, in certain cases, it may happen that the product(s) ordered are not available. Either by shortage of inventory, or the product(s) has/have been discontinued by the supplier without notification to Syner G Supplements. If this is the case, we may suggest a similar product with a similar value as a replacement. If this option is not accepted by the customer, Syner G Supplements reserves the right to issue a purchase voucher to the customer applicable on a future purchase, for the value of the price of the product(s) ordered as well as taxes. This voucher cannot be combined with other discount codes. If the customer does not accept this option, Syner G Supplements reserves the right to withhold the fees that must be paid to PayPal or Stripe for the refundable amount in question, since these fees are not refundable to Syner G Supplements by PayPal or Stripe for orders refunded in part or in full.

Intellectual property

Syner G Supplements site is owned and operated by Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc. The presentation and all materials, including registered trademarks, logos and domain names, posted on the site indicated by www.synergsupplements.com, hereafter called “the Website” are protected by applicable laws regarding Intellectual Property, and are owned by Synergy Supplements & Environment Inc.

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The following notice will appear in full or partly within the site content:

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Availability of the website

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