Heart health

Heart health concerns:

Consider your blood as the river that carries everything throughout the body: nutrients, wastes, respiratory gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. Is there a need for thyroid hormones? The blood will carry it away from the thyroid gland to all cells and tissues that require the hormone. Are we eating too much meat? Have we become too acidic? The pH of your blood will dictate the changes required to allow your body to fall back in balance.


What is required for your blood to circulate freely? A healthy heart to start with, which in practical terms is simply a pump, albeit a very special one indeed! As well, we need healthy blood vessels with good elasticity. As we live in this hectic, chemically enriched society, being constantly exposed to damage from free radicals, increased stress levels, poor air quality, it’s no wonder that our cardiovascular system is taking a lot of abuse. Add to that dietary and lifestyle factors: foods with high saturated fat, high-refined sugar levels, that are deep-fried, too much meat, too many additives, too many chemicals, too many stimulants, too little exercise, too much environmental toxic exposure and too much stress.

Colombe’s recommendations:

  • Nutrients most often required to cure blood deficiencies are iron, folic acid and vitamin B¹², as well as adequate protein is essential, such as SynerG Supplements Whey Protein or Vegan Protein
  • Grains and greens – very important as sources of manganese, are beneficial as blood tonics.
  • Green foods, green drinks, all contribute to bringing alcalinity and oxygen to your red blood cells
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