Ears, Nose and Throat

Ear Health Concerns:

Otitis externa—the outer ear canal infection or inflammation. Can be bacterial, viral or fungal. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a microorganism which causes swimmer’s ear infection.

Human nasal congestion related to cold and bronchial flu coughing and influenze caused by the common cold virus that infects and builds green mucus in the nose throat and ear medical body system of drainage on a white background.


  • Boosting the immune system with a herbal extract such as Herbs Etc Immunoboost.
  • Garlic oil and mullein oil or a herbal extract such as Herbs Etc Mullein Garlic Ear Drops. A few drops (or as per directions) applied in the ear canal will help alleviate the infection.

Otitis media—middle ear infection, can be bacterial, viral, fungal of the middle ear. In many cases otitis media is a consequence of respiratory tract infections. Allergies can also be a cause. As allergic reactions evolve (mainly to food; milk products are a common cause for otitis) there is an inflammatory reaction which in turn creates conditions for the swelling of the middle ear mucosa and/or fluid accumulation. When there is fluid in the middle ear, one of the therapeutic measures is myringotomy. The procedure requires the placement of a tube through the tympanic membrane to release the fluid; possible scarring and more infections are known consequences of this procedure. Another excellent ear wash is through local warm compresses of infused chamomile, Echinacea and/or goldenseal.


  • Try using Herbs Etc Mullein Garlic Ear Drops or garlic oil and mullein oil. A few drops applied in the ear canal will help alleviate the infection.
  • Immune system boost through supplements and herbal support such as Herbs Etc Immunoboost.
  • Other excellent ear washes are with infusions of chamomile, Echinacea root or goldenseal root, when used as local warm compresses.
  • Massaging around the ear and down the affected side of the neck with essential oils of chamomile, tea tree eucalyptus, clove or other can also be helpful.

Nose and sinuses concerns:

Nosebleed – can be from trauma to the nose, drying of the mucous membrane or nose picking or it can be secondary to local infections: rhinitis, sinusitis.


  • Use Herbs Etc Phytocillin
  • A drop or two from a lemon, applied to a cotton ball and inserted intranasally is known to stop the bleeding.
  • Pinching your nose and leaning forward will often diminish the bleeding.
  • Essential oil of lavender applied topically will help healing process.
  • Vitamin C improves vascular fragility, multivitamin and multi-mineral formula with vitamin A, a good support of mucous membranes.

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa – can be infectious (viruses or bacteria) or allergic (in most cases environmental allergens). When there is swelling of the nasal mucosa or nasal discharge (watery in allergic rhinitis, thick, yellow and/or purulent in bacterial rhinitis; viral rhinitis is often accopmpanied by watery, then thick discharge). Or nasal obstruction.


  • Herbs Etc Phytocillin or Respiratonic
  • Humidifying your environment
  • Avoid milk products and refined carbohydrates
  • Essential oils: lemon, eucalyptus, chamomile, thyme, mint, are all good decongestants that will help to relieve nasal congestion.
  • Eating garlic or taking garlic supplements.

Throat concerns:

Pharyngitis – can be infectious, through bacterial or viral infection or irritative when caused by smoke or dust inhalation. Symptoms are sore throat, burning sensation, difficulty swallowing, when infection is the cause, it can be associated with an earache.


  • Support of the immune system through Herbs Etc Immuno Boost.
  • Support of sore and irritated throat with Herbs Etc Osha Root Cough Syrup or Singer’s Saving Grace
  • Try efficient home remedies for sore throat like, gargling with salt water, honey water, red sage, goldenseal, apple cider vinegar;
  • A blend of ginger root, honey and lemon juice;
  • Lavender or thyme steam inhalations.
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