About us

We wanted a name that would have the initials of our founder, with Syner G, well, we finally settled for at least the "G" as in Gauvin, Colombe.

The Syner G brand sets itself apart with top of the range dietary supplements, all in synergy, formulated by a Naturopath with one goal in mind: your well-being!

We are proud to say that the Syner G Supplements line of 9 products are made at our laboratory in Quebec, Canada.

Our Syner G Supplements online store makes the shopping experience easy, convenient and efficient with savings as a bonus!

Colombe Gauvin is a naturopath, author, speaker and the founder of Syner G Supplements, a company specializing in the sale of nutritional and dietary supplements. Her interest in alternative medicine began at an early age and, by the 90s, it became her passion and her life’s mission. Her motto is: “It is better to use prevention than to have to cure.” In other words, one should be proactive regarding potential health issues that may occur in our lives.

Syner G Supplements is the logical result of her past experiences and training which includes owning a natural products store, operating a colon irrigation clinic and, for the past 25 years, operating her naturopathic clinic.

How It All Started

She has always wanted to make a difference in the service offered to her clients. When she considered the results of health tests that she interpreted, she realized that her clients came to consult for problems associated with digestive disorders, joint pain, lack of energy and weight loss or gain. . She concluded that there was a common denominator. It was the sum of all the deficiencies in the quality, quantity and improper assimilation of food as well as the absence of protein, digestive enzymes and probiotics which caused an imbalance of the intestinal flora.

Between the comments, the testimonies and her experience of more than 20,000 consultations, her mind was made up. “We therefore thought it was important to find formulas that lived up to our expectations and especially those of our customers!”
So she decided to create Syner G Supplements website and online store for the sale of high quality therapeutic vitamins and natural dietary supplements.

She first worked with our laboratory to develop a solution to the problems identified during the health tests, those related to enzymes, probiotics and proteins. It was essential to provide products with specifically effective formulas.

To solve joint pain, she worked on a marine collagen. To meet the demand for weight loss without the usual deprivation, she opted for a product made from non-roasted coffee beans. Together they ended up formulating nine fundamental products for internal and external health. The Syner G Supplements product line.

“It is true that if our overall health care and technology have improved over decades, the industry for the past fifty years has provided us with deficient food and, in many cases, truly empty shells. Consequently, our bodies do not receive the nutrients they need to function properly. To compensate for this deficiency, we should take the appropriate and efficient supplements that allow us to live well every day. Taking care of our bodies is a necessity if we want to age gracefully.”

She completed the offer by adding a selection of top of the line products from reputable suppliers of dietary supplements and natural vitamins. By combining attentive and efficient service, at prices defying the competition, her customers find an online store that meets all their expectations.

“Thank you for your interest and we do hope you enjoy your visit where you will discover these wonderful products that will help you with your everyday health.

To your good health!”