About Syner G Supplements

We wanted a name where we were going to get the initials of our founder. With Syner G, well, we settled for at least the ‘G’ as in Gauvin, Colombe.

The Syner G brand is a cut above the rest, and its high-quality dietary supplements—all in synergy—are formulated by a Naturopath for one goal: your well-being. We are also very proud to say that nine products of the Syner G Supplements line are manufactured here in our partner laboratory in Quebec, Canada.

Here at our Syner G Supplements online store, enjoy an easy, convenient, and quick shopping experience of all your favourite products while saving you money.

Colombe Gauvin is a naturopath, author, speaker, and founder of Syner G Supplements, a company specializing in the sale of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Her interest in alternative medicine was sparked at a very young age. Since the early 90s, this passion has become her vocation and life’s mission. From the beginning, she has been firmly convinced of the saying “prevention is better than cure.” Thus, adopting a proactive approach to potential health issues that may arise in our lives is essential.

Syner G Supplements is the logical result of her past experiences and training which includes owning a natural products store, operating a colon irrigation clinic and, for the past 25 years, operating her naturopathic clinic.

How It All Began

Colombe has always wanted to make a difference in the service she was offering her clients. When she thought of the results from the health tests that she interpreted, her clients came to consult for problems associated with digestive disorders, joint pain, lack of energy and weight loss or gain. She made a conclusion that there was a common denominator. It has been the cumulative deficit in quality, quantity, and incorrect assimilation of food, plus the lack of proteins, digestive enzymes, and probiotics, which lead to an imbalance of the intestinal flora.

Between the comments, testimonies, and her experience with more than 20,000 consultations, her decision was made. “It was therefore important to find formulas that corresponded to our expectations and especially to those of our customers!” So, she decided to create the site and online store of sale of high-quality therapeutic vitamins and natural dietary complements, Syner G Supplements.

She initially worked with our laboratory to develop a solution to the problems identified through the health tests relating to enzymes, probiotics, and proteins of utmost importance in bringing products with certain effective formulations.

To address joint pain, she developed a marine collagen. To answer the need for weight loss without the usual deprivation, she created a product from non-roasted coffee beans. Together they formulated nine basic products for both internal and external health. The Syner G Supplements product line. “Surely it is a grievous thing if we have lost our health care and technology over the decades, the industry has supplied us for fifty years with what turns out to be defective food, and often with nothing but empty shells.

That means our bodies are not given the nutrients they need to function the way they are supposed to.

To compensate for the deficiency, it is recommended that we intake proper and effective supplements to live a well-lived day every day.

“You need to take good care of your body if you want to age with style.” She has supplemented this with the option of therapeutic grade products from reputable suppliers of dietary additives and natural vitamins. Merging attentive and efficient service, at prices which are simply irresistible, her customers find an online store meeting all their expectations.

“Thank you for your interest, and we do hope you enjoy your visit where you will find these wonderful products that will help you with your everyday health.

To your good health!”