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Kidney health concerns:

There are several different kidney diseases that may occur. Exposure to certain drugs or toxins may cause damage to the kidneys, including heavy metals, solvents, chemotherapy agents, and pesticides. Many other disorders, such as diabetes, lupus, hypertension, and liver disease can also result in impaired kidney function. As well as mineral accumulations (primarily calcium) called kidney stones. Should the kidneys cease to function properly in their excretion of salt and other wastes, edema results. When there is kidney malfunction, toxic wastes may accumulate in the bloodstream, this condition is known as uraemia. Various symptoms including chills, fever, urinary urgency, fluid retention, abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, nausea, vomiting can all be linked to kidney problems. Signs of cloudy or bloody urine. Sudden and intense back pain, starting above the waist and continuing down to the groin area.

Bladder health concerns:


When bacteria enter the bladder causing infection and inflammation, cystitis or a bladder infection occurs. The bladder is the body’s reservoir for urine. Liquid wastes coming from the bloodstream are filtered by the kidneys and held in the bladder, which can hold about 500 ml of liquid. The waste is evacuated from the bladder, through the urethra, and out of the body. In women, if there is bacteria in the vagina, it can travel up the urethra and enter the bladder. Usually the urine voids the bacteria in the bladder. However, infection occurs, when the bacteria is not expelled from the bladder. In men, a bacterial infection of the prostate can cause a bladder infection. Even infants can get bladder infections, in fact they can happen at any age.

Some recommendations:

  • Try a herbal extract such as Herbs Etc Kidney Tonic, Cranbladder ReLeaf some wonderful natural kidney health supplements.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat pumpkin seeds, cranberries, fresh parsley, celery.
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