Vegan Protein (Powder 1kg) Syner G Supplements


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Vegan Protein (Powder 1kg) Syner G Supplements 116.00$

COLOMBE RECOMMENDS: as a support for weight loss

Our  Vegan Protein Syner G Supplements 50 servings powder acts as an appetite suppressant and is different from other food supplements by the addition of natural ingredients, individualized and recognized for their active role in the proper functioning of the immune system. These natural ingredients in Vegan Protein Syner G Supplements increase the efficiency of the protein in its remedial role and also help the growth of new cells and thus the maintenance of life.

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Benefits of vegan protein powder for your body !

stomach-icon1Stomach :
protein supports a healthy digestion

small-intestinSmall Intestine :
protein provides intestinal support

liverLiver :
protein supports the liver function

intestinLarge Intestine :
protein helps to reconstruct the intestinal flora

kidneysKidneys :
protein supports kidney function

pancreas1Pancreas :
protein supports a healthy digestion

heartHeart :
protein helps cardiovascular health

bonesBones :
protein helps to improve bone development


Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein powder contains a proprietary blend of vegetable protein composed of sprouted brown rice, peas and amaranth. We have included highly bioavailable juice powders, sea vegetables, berries and lyophilises vegetables. A mixture of plant enzymes combined with vegetable-based prebiotics and probiotics complement this incredible formula.


Proteins are biological macromolecules from different sources (meat, fish, eggs, etc.). They are composed of one or more chains of amino acids, thus a good source of amino acid supplements. Proteins are complex by their structure and play a decisive and vital role in the life of a cell. In fact, they are essential in all the functions performed by a cell and are nutritional supplements.

Benefits of Proteins :

  • Promote the growth of new cells throughout the body
  • Accelerate the catabolism / anabolism of the body cycle
  • Increase metabolism
  • Tone muscles
  • Help control water balance
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Maintain nitrogen balance
  • Are an appetite suppressant
  • Act as a food supplement
  • Sustain life

Food ingredients used by Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein powder are 100% natural of a very high level. They are selected to fill the gaps in our modern diet. These food supplements are comparable to the best in class and sometimes much higher. They help to foster a densely nutritious and low-calorie diet.

As we age, our ability to retain our youthful looks and energy is challenged by our choices in our daily life. Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein is specially developed for the most demanding people, who are not only looking for the purest and most effective ingredients, but also offering the best in health protection. Each component has been carefully selected for its purity, power and compatibility. Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein powder is a balance of protein, powerful phytonutrients, sea vegetables, probiotics and digestive enzymes that taste great and mix instantly in any beverage of your choice to make a true appetite suppressant and food supplement.

The power of Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein is not only due to the many individual nutrients in each mixture, but also the synergy between these mixtures. The action set by all complex nutritional ingredients in Syner G Supplements Vegan Protein powder creates an effect much more powerful than the sum of its individual components. The formula is designed to supplement your daily intake of fresh vegetables. Scientists have shown that many of these essential elements play an important role in a preventive health program, while increasing energy and supporting all body systems.


  • Offers exceptional immune support.
  • Support of cardiovascular health.
  • Help in the repair and formation of bone.
  • Provides intestinal support.
  • Improves the process of burning fat.
  • Balances the sugar levels in the blood and helps to moderate the appetite.
  • Supports healthy digestion.
  • Improves iron absorption.
  • Supports liver and kidney function.
  • It is a synergistic mixture of herbal proteins.
  • Provides the full spectrum of essential and nonessential amino acids from the cleanest possible source.
  • Enriched with a full range of complementary support nutrients.
  • Naturally flavoured and sweet, no artificial ingredients.
  • Formulated by professionals and energetically balanced

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