Remote Consultations
with a Naturopath

Colombie Gauvin N.D.

Would you like to have a remote consultation with a professional of natural medicine?

Colombe Gauvin, naturopath, author, speaker and founder of Syner G Supplements, brings you nearly 30 years of expertise in alternative medicine for your well-being.

Remote consultation (telephone, Zoom or other) is a simple, fast and confidential solution that allows you to obtain practical and useful information on topics that concern your health.

* You are welcome to ask a short question at any time. As a result of this initial contact through the form below, Colombe Gauvin will answer you and explain whether a thorough consultation is necessary. If this is the case, a consultation fee will apply if you wish to pursue.

Procedures :

  1. Submit your request for consultation by completing the form below. Be sure to tell us your availabilities as well as your phone, Skype or other means of communication details.
  2. Receive an email and confirmation of your request and confirmation of a phone, Skype or other means of communication listed below for a consultation with a Naturopath if applicable.

Payment method accepted: credit card or Interac eTransfer.

Consultation form

Please note that a fee of $75/30 minutes (minimum) applies to all consultations.