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Enzymes Digestives Syner G Supplements 200 g
Digestive Enzymes 200 g Powder Syner G Supplements 63.00$

COLOMBE RECOMMENDS: as a support to facilitate digestion

Without getting into an in-depth description of complex molecular chemistry and the function of an enzyme, we could compare an enzyme to a knife that cuts a slice of bread. The knife acts as a catalyst, causing a “chemical reaction”: the effect of cutting the bread into slices makes it easier to consume.  Essentially, enzymes perform exactly what the knife does in our example. Their catalytic action breaks down small food particles sufficiently so they can be absorbed and utilized by the body’s digestive functions, thus relieving digestive disorders.

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Syner G Supplements Digestive Enzymes are the result of research to find a super blend including papain, lactase, rennin, glutenase, gluten protease, magnesium, and zinc an enzyme compound produced by various vegetables and mushrooms designed to compensate for the lack of enzymes produced by the body and assist in digestive disorders.

In principle, food must be broken down (hydrolyzed) chemically before being assimilated by the body. This is true for fats, carbohydrates and proteins. This is not the case for water and inorganic ions which, once passed through the digestive tract, are assimilated in their original form. This process of breaking down food into smaller portions is executed through the action of various enzymes that are active in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine.

Digestive Enzymes: Scientists estimate that the human body produces over 100,000 different types of enzymes, each performing its own function for the maintenance of life. The enzymes produced in the pancreas and small intestine are important in the digestion of the protease (action on proteins), lipase (action on fat), and amylase (action on starch). These enzymes catalyze the original protein into amino acids, fatty acids into glycerol, and fat and starches into simple sugar.

It is probably during these digestive reactions that the vitamins and minerals contained in food are also more easily assimilated. This is definitely true for the liposoluble vitamins that are not absorbed unless the digestion of fatty materials takes place in a normal way.

Over the years, the physiological activity of the average person changes a lot. Age brings a deterioration of the overall function of the body, a progressive delay in cell division and an elimination of accrued cells. Studies have shown that 35% of people over 60 have some kind of digestive disorder or dysfunction. In fact, the disruption of the digestive tract is the second cause of death among the elderly.

Good health at any age, but especially in the elderly, depends on good nutrition. It goes without saying that effective digestion is a prerequisite for adequate absorption. However, if there are not enough enzymes produced by the pancreas, the stomach and small intestine to break down food into smaller portions, complications such as weight loss or gain, bloating, abdominal discomfort, chronic constipation and diarrhea develop.

Consider the following example to fully appreciate the importance and effectiveness of enzymes. To a chemist who wants to break the white of an egg, which is essentially protein, he must first add about ten times its weight in concentrated acid. Then he must boil this mixture for twenty hours!

Syner G Supplements Digestive Enzymes are a combination of enzymes produced by various vegetables and mushrooms designed to compensate for the lack of enzymes generated by the body.


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