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AlgaeCal Plus 120 capsules AlgaeCal 90.00$
Rock-based calcium can only slow bone loss. But AlgaeCal’s plant-based calcium does what others can’t, actually stops bone loss and builds new bone!

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16 Bone-Essential Nutrients

  • Powerful plant-based serving of 16 bone-essential nutrients. In human clinical trials, these 13 minerals & 3 vitamins have been shown to increase bone density – even for folks in their 80s
  • 120 Easy-to-Swallow Veggie Capsules Per Bottle
  • Suggested use: 4 capsules daily (2 capsules twice a day with meals)

Will AlgaeCal Interfere with my medication(s)? :

  • Some medications and supplements require separation from AlgaeCal Plus to limit any potential interactions. For example, thyroid medication, antacids, and certain antibiotics should be taken at least 4 hours from AlgaeCal Plus. Iron supplements also should be separated correctly.
  • If you take a standalone iron supplement, please take it 2 hours from AlgaeCal Plus to avoid decreased absorption. If your iron comes from a multivitamin, you do not need to separate it from AlgaeCal Plus.
  • Vitamin K2, including the vitamin K2 in AlgaeCal Plus, may interfere with certain anticoagulant drugs and should be avoided unless otherwise directed by a physician.

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