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Reishi Defense 90 gélules Enerex

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Reishi Defense 90 gélules Enerex
Reishi Defense 90 gélules Enerex 28.00$ Le prix initial était : 28.00$.24.00$Le prix actuel est : 24.00$.

Mélange exclusif de soutien immunitaire

  • Comprend le champignon rouge Reishi, les vitamines D et C, et les bioflavonoïdes d'agrumes
  • Offre un coup de pouce puissant pour une protection et un soutien immunitaire supplémentaires
  • Aide réduire les risques de maladies, aide à une récupération plus rapide et renforce le système immunitaire
  • Aide à lutter contre les bactéries nocives et les virus envahissants
  • Fournit un soutien antioxydant pour combattre les radicaux libres responsables des maladies et du vieillissement prématuré

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Putting Our Defenses into Action

The ingredients in Reishi Defense encompass a simple yet effective formula for protection and combatting invading bacteria and viruses. Reishi is long known for its abilities to strengthen immune function, reduce stress that can weaken our defenses, and support liver function. Vitamins C and D protect and help activate our immune cells into action while bioflavonoids battle inflammation, allergies, viruses, and free radicals.

Reishi Defence uses top quality Red Reishi extract in a 50:1 concentration and balances this with Vitamin C and bioflavonoids in equal ratio and strength for greater effectiveness rounded out with a high potency of Vitamin D.

Cold hard facts

Being optimally healthy does not mean that you don’t get sick when exposed to a virus; it’s in how well you deal with it that reveals your health.  Your body certainly will contract a virus if it doesn’t recognize it (if you’ve never had it before) and has to build immunity to it. Over 90% of the population gets sick with viruses every year.

Reduce your risks and recover faster with nutrients that strengthen your immune system to combat invading viruses and harmful bacteria.

Enerex REISHI DEFENSE is an exclusive blend of immune supporting ingredients including Red Reishi Mushroom, Vitamins D3 and C, and Citrus Bioflavonoids to provide a powerful boost, especially good during cold and flu season. They also offer antioxidant support to fight free radicals that contribute to disease and premature aging. Remember, your best defense is a good offense.

Why did we add a mushroom?

Fungi are vital to the health of a forest where they naturally grow, absorbing chemical toxins and waste from the environment, and helping it rebuild and regenerate. Their ability to restore balance within nature is exactly what they accomplish within your body’s internal environment.

Medicinal mushrooms like the revered Red Reishi support your immune system by making sure that your white blood cells behave effectively to stop invading viruses and bacteria, and stop diseased cells from replicating. Red Reishi Mushroom has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years in China. It affects over 300 body processes, particularly in the liver where detoxification takes place. In Traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi ranks highest among all 365 herbs listed in its oldest pharmacopeia, considered even more valuable than ginseng.

Modern clinical research now validates that Red Reishi Mushroom is able to:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Calm anxiety and help decrease negative effects of stress (which also helps improve immune function)
  • Reduce insomnia
  • Promote a healthy brain, and increase memory and concentration
  • Stimulate the liver to help the body detoxify
  • Support heart and vascular system health
  • Increase energy
  • Offer anti-aging benefits with antioxidants that fight free radicals
  • Reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Offer nutrients including protein, fibre, vitamin B and calcium


In addition to Reishi mushroom, we added Vitamin C because it has been documented through hundreds of research studies to support your immune system and speed recovery should you catch a virus. For those who are under significant physical stress, such as athletes, or emotional stress, supplementing with Vitamin C could dramatically reduce the risk of severe symptoms.

We also added 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 for a daily top-up due to its overwhelming evidence of immune support to prevent viruses and diseases including cancer, and due to our general deficiency in North America.

The formula also condenses powerful antioxidants from fruits called Bioflavonoids in supplement form. Specific bioflavonoids – hesperidin, rutin and quercitin (from lemons) – offer antioxidant protection for heart and circulatory health, strengthen the immune system, protect the liver, reduce inflammation, enhance the power of Vitamin C, protect blood vessels from ruptures, and reduce oxidative damage.

The Enerex Advantage

Buying a high quality Red Reishi supplement is not as simple as going to your local (or online) Chinese herbal store. Several factors change their effectiveness including:

  • growing conditions — such as temperature, light and oxygen
  • the surface the mushroom grows on, and the maturity when picked
  • the amount of polysaccharides (the therapeutic part of the mushroom) in different Reishi mushrooms
  • processing techniques — high quality mushroom supplements take over 200 pounds of fresh mushrooms to make 1 pound of product, and mushrooms must be dried at a low temperature before milling

Enerex REISHI DEFENSE uses only top quality whole plant Red Reishi Mushroom at a ratio of 50:1, 15% Polysaccharides, 2500 mg DHE for its increased benefits.

ADULTES: Prendre 1 gélule par jour avec de la nourriture ou selon les directives d'un professionnel de la santé.

Consultez un professionnel de la santé avant l'utilisation si vous prenez des médicaments sur ordonnance, des anticoagulants ou si vous êtes enceinte ou si vous allaitez.

Conservez dans un endroit frais et sec. Tenir hors de portée des enfants.

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