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Magnesium Synergy 30 servings (250g) AOR

Original price was: 44.00$.Current price is: 40.00$.


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Magnesium Synergy 30 servings (250g) AOR
Magnesium Synergy 30 servings (250g) AOR 44.00$ Original price was: 44.00$.40.00$Current price is: 40.00$.

Specially formulated for optimal magnesium absorption

  • Advanced Magnesium Synergy is our most advanced magnesium supplement, containing essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining good health.
  • Supports energy production and metabolism, crucial for many cellular functions and processes.
  • Provides vitamins and minerals to enhance magnesium absorption without negative side effects at therapeutic doses.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 cm